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World Champion and everyone's disc golf idol, KEN CLIMO.

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November 19, 2004 -Check out the new Innova Bulldog . It's tits. -Monster Fling 7 is December 4th in Aggieland. Get out and represent. See Aggie Disc golf club site for news. -We've got Hooker and Sovinksy's bag too. However no cool pictures.
My name is Ben Hooker. This is my bag.
The 22 discs are:
CE Firebird (First Run): forehand rollers, tailwind forehand hyzers, knife hyzers Pro Firebird: forehand S-curves, strong forehand hyzers Champion Orc: long hyzers Pro Orc: distance driver, headwind anhyzers CE Valkyrie: anhyzers, backhand rollers KC Pro Teebirds: 1 overstable, 1 stable; S-curves, low-ceiling and long tailwind hyzers Pro Teebird-TL: distance drives with good float CE Teebird (Second Run): straight shots and low headwind drives Z Crush (First Run): headwind S-curves Z Wildcat: tailwind forehand rollers Z Reaper: straight drives with nice hyzer finish, water disc Z Xtra: utility disc; tomahawks, thumbers, skip shots, quick hyzers KC Pro Roc: headwind shots under 300 ft. DX Roc: upshots of 250-350 ft. Pro Gremlin: anything tailwind under 300 ft. Pro Hydra: tailwind shots under 200 ft. Z Wasp: Boga gave me this disc. hyzers under 200 ft. into a hurricane headwind, midrange forehands Z MRV: midrange forehand rollers to finish left Pro Aviar (First Run): primary putter inside 45 ft.or downhill, hyzers under 150 ft. DX Aviar: anything inside 250 ft., putter outside 45 ft. or uphill Omega Super Soft: anhyzer shots inside 200 ft., forehand roller inside 150 ft.

My name is Mike Sovinskayabogarovsky. This is my bag.
The 16 discs are:
JK Pro AVIAR: main putter Swirl APX: understable putter. Used for anhyzer putts. Pro Aviar (first run): overstable approach. Just got it. No carry, but I like it Pro Line Spider: Simple approach shots. Has more carry than a putter, so I can throw softer. Pro Line Gremlin: Mid-range shots, as long as there isn't much of a head wind. Forhand also. Elite XS: downwind driver and also anhyzer driver Champion Beast: Normal driver. shorter forehands or downwind forehands and forehands that need a little S to them Pro TL Teebird: Prefered driver. A little less stable. Good carry. Just got it. No go into wind Pro Line Leopard: For straight shots, not too long. Don't really use it as a distance driver. Also, for mid-range shot occasionally CE Eagle: Large hyzer shots that don't need much distance. Beat up DX Cheetah: For my backhand roller. (yeah right) Pro Line Firebird: For the extreme hyzers, or massive headwind, forehand or backhand. CE FX Firebird: Main disc for my forehand. Also my roller disc. Main choice for drives into the wind. CE VX Valk: Traded this disc from Hooker for a whippet. This disc is awesome. I would throw it all the time, but it is camoflaged, and I get tired of looking for it. Z Crush: I throw this disc also. It is sorta a feel thing as to which driver I decide on X-Clone: My disc to throw over water.

November 12, 2004 New segment, What's in your bag. As of 2/22/05, it's gone. July 18, 2001 Two days ago I went out to Research Park to play some disc golf yet after the first hole I was already +2 and had given up hope on breaking the record. However, Wes Ferrer was also playing with me and Sovinsky and he figured he may as well go for the record. He kept on shooting consistent good shots and putts. He parred hole 6 and after hole 11 he was -4. At that point I was +1, I knew I wasn't going to win and Wes would probably get the record. Well he birdied hole 13 to tie the record at -5, then went on to safely miss the water on 14. He threw an excellent shot on 16 under the trees and had a tap in for birdie and -6. Yes he had the record, he was atop me and I was happy for him but a bit disheartened inside. His drive on 17 was long and he threw away an easy birdie, which would be costly in the next 23 hours. Wes went home Monday afternoon the new record holder but I couldn't sleep well that night. Tuesday afternoon rolls around and its time to hit the links again. I've been trying all summer to get the darn record and now Wes has it, this is not the way it works in the TAMXCDGA. Wes says lets go play at Camelot, and I'm like "no way, research park." We go out me, sovinsky and wes again. I drive on hole way with my new bomb disc that i found in the water. It lands 10 feet from the hole so I'm looking to be in good shape. But wait I shank my easy birdie putt, then still not warmed yet, i shank the par putt as well. Hole 2 - bad drive, bad approach, bad putt, bogey. After two holes I am +2 instead of -1. Oh well, I figure I can still win the round. Think again, I birdie 3,4,5,7 with a par on hole 6 to move to -2. My medium putt on hole 8 bounces off the basket. Hole nine, bad drive, par. Hole 10, good drive birdie -3. I'm feeling pretty good. Hole 11, bad drive, par. Hole 12 through the trees, kinda long putt, sink it, -4. Hole 13, not great drive, birdie putt hits branch and bounces off chains, par. Hole 14, no water, but no birdie. Hole 15 - straight drive, kinda long putt bounces off top of chains, dammit still -4. I tell Sovinsky "well i've gotten a hat trick before lets do it again." Hole 16 - Drive hits trees but doesn't slow it enough. Short putt to goto -5. Now Wes is getting pissed. He knows i almost always birdie 17. Hole 17 - straight drive, easy putt, -6 record tied. Well one hole to go. Hole 18 I take out my banshee and hurl it down the fairway and it hyzers to the left at the end of the flight. I am left with a 40 - 50 ft putt to take back my record. I tell sovinsky confidently " I can make this. I can." He says " wait for the wind to die" I wait five seconds then I'm ready. Released, it flys straight, its floating in, BAM, CHING, -7. Me and sovinsky high five and wes is pissed. Oh well, Tomorrow will be a year since i went five under so I almost hit it on the anniversary. February 5, 2000 Well today I joined the Aggie Disc Golf Club officially by paying my fifteen bucks. This Sunday will be the first competition for league play. Those of us in town will meet at Research at 2:24 to play some mean disc golf. I've also added a link to the ADGC website November 28, 2000 This weekend is the Freebird's Disc Fling III and me, Ben, and Heavy have signed up. We will be going up against big daddy jimbo davidson and mark nigro. We'll post results as soon as we get them saturday afternoon. August 22, 2000 For those of you who didn't know Ken Climo(-64) won the 2000 PDGA World Championships by defeating Barry Schultz(-56) and everyone else. Local Jim Davidson finished semifinal rounds in 13th at even. July 29, 2000 Since the TAMXCDGA traveled to new orleans for grease's wedding, we decided to go play the disc golf course at Rivendell farm in St. Rose, LA. The course is right of river road and it's a doozy. Very long course with my tight holes. Most baskets cannot be seen until after two throws. Heavy and I played two days before going +20 and +31 respectively. Yet the big showdown was not until saturday. I went in pretty cocky thinking it wouldn't be hard to win on my home course. Well i was wrong. Cook has been playing everday at home, unknown to me until hole 15 or so, so he comes out strong and fires a birdie on hole 1. From that point on he never relinquished the lead. Going into 16 he was +10 and ben and i were +11. we both drove into the woods and we both had good approaches. but i missed my stupid easy putt. the next two holes were out in the open so i was screwed. we both parred 17 and bogeyed 18, to go +11, +13. Ben messed up on 17 and 18 and finished +15. But we had fun and there are cool spiders there too. Others who played Cottrell (serious contender till hole 11), Beasley, Brady (dnf'd due to arm injury), Lee, and Brooke. July 20, 2000 Yesterday I played two rounds of disc golf. The first round was +5 and the second -5. The double bogey on six hurt me and i had many puts hit the basket and not fall but i stayed strong and got the record. I have to say that the -4 is a strong record for Todd who didn't play nearly as much as I do but still did so well. I've been playing 3 years so I have a good round every now and then. Well since most of you have semi retired (todd,grease,chuck,monty) I will try to push the envelope as far as i can, in a year and a half. July 5, 2000 Well I'm back from my trip to Colorado Springs, and it was a damn good time. Yet, once again the course at Cottonwood Creek Park was too much to handle. I finished +5 and +9, it was a fairly tough course but not as bad as the scores were. It was a little windy, 6300 ft elevation (but i didn't notice my discs going further), a few open holes, trees spread out all over, uphill and downhill holes. It was a fun and challenging course which i hope to conquer next summer. I'm going to look for an internship in colorado springs because it's great. They have running trails, mountain climbing, rafting, hiking, and of course two disc golf courses. But i didn't get to go to the other one because i was hanging out with my family. Well that's it for now. I'm bringing my film to Eckerd tonight so disc golf pictures should be up by saturday or so. Also i videotaped my +9 round so all of you can check out the course. Its the first tape from the TAMXCDGA World video tour. As we travel around playing we'll tape a game to show all the courses we've played. I should have started this in NC but oh well. June 22, 2000 Yesterday, Grease and I (Oubre) decided that we should start playing from the long box (pro tees)at Research Park. If you want to go for the record on the short box sometimes, well thats okay. But mostly we will be playing from the pro tees. Reasons, for those of you who need to be convinced of our ultimatum.
  • We aren't going to reach our full potential playing shorter holes
  • When you decide to join the PDGA and start playing in tournaments, you're gonna have to play from the pro tees.
  • You need to learn how to drive long and straight
  • You need to learn how to drive long and right
  • You need to learn how to drive long and left
  • It could only make you better, and then when you attempt the short box it will be much easier to get the record.
  • Plus me and grease are gonna do it and you're a wussy if you don't.

    June 5, 2000 Some of the team traveled to North Carolina this past weekend and got to play some very challenging and beautiful courses. Pictures will be posted once I develop my film. As with every match someone must be the champion and Hummel was the Man this weekend. He won 3 times, twice at Valley Springs (+4,+4 )and once at Cornwallis (-1). He defeated Hooker and Knott in a one hole playoff at Cornwallis. The other title went to Oubre at Valley Springs with a not so impressive +7. These tight courses were smack dab in the woods of North Carolina and many a tree were hit by the open course practiced players.

    All recordered endeavors have taken place at the Research Park course from the short boxes

    All time performance list
    1. Chuck Cusimano III -11 10-1999 1. Bryan J. Oubre -11 5-14-2000 1. Stephen -11 5-20-2000 4. Todd Fox -9 4. Mike Hummel -9 3-11-1999 6. Mike Sovinsky -9 3-11-1999 6. Jim Pat Darcey -8 8. Carl Stewart -7 5-23-2000 9. James Menze -6 9. Andrew Cook -6 5-14-2000 11. Christian Henricksen -5 11. Brady Hunter -5 7-15-2000

    I'll fix it later when i get other scores

    All time legend John Montgomery shot -4 with a Whamo. It however is not a PDGA approved disc, but still an unbeatable record.

    A little research at that bottom of the pond can always result in some nice findings.

    Professional Tees Performance List Research Park
    1. Bryan J. Oubre -7 7-17-2001 2. Jonathan Wes Ferrer -6 7-16-2001 3. Todd Fox -4 3. Andrew Cook -4 8-11-2000 5. Chuck Cusimano -2 7-15-2000 5. Carl Stewart -2 8-26-2000 7. Benjamin Hooker -1 11-27-2000 8. John Montgomery even*

    * non pdga approved disc

    Just some dude playing a round.

    Hole in ones

    Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge Bryan J. Oubre hole 3, Dec. 26, 2005
    Lafraniere Park, Metairie Bryan J. Oubre hole 7, July 2005
    Research Park Mike Hummel hole 3 Todd Fox hole 7 Brady Hunter hole 8 Will Slaughter hole 9 Christian Henricksen hole 10 James Menze hole 10 Jonathan Wes Ferrer hole 10 Bryan J. Oubre hole 13 Chuck Cusimano hole 15
    Camelot Park Andrew Cook hole 4

    House Rules
  • No Jim Pat step while putting.
  • A disc that lands on top of the disccatcher does not count as going in. The disc must land in the basket.
  • All other rules as listed by the PDGA apply.
    Links to our favorite disc golf sites

    The best discs used by Ken Climo as well as Todd and Monty

    The Official Site with rules and a national course directory

    Aggie Disc Golf Club Webpage

    A cool place to buy discs, run by some guy named Jim.

    Oubre's Score Card - Sunday, May 14, 2000, 8:00 p.m.
    Amateur Tees Research Park
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  tot under
    3  2  2  3  3  3  2  3  2   23   -4
    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
    2  2  2  2  2  3  3  2  2   20   -7  43
    Grease's Score Card - Saturday, May 20, 2000
    Amateur Tees Research Park
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  tot under
    3  2  3  3  2  3  2  2  2   22   -5
    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
    2  3  2  2  2  3  3  2  2   21   -6  43
    Oubre's Score Card - Wednesday, July 19, 2000, 7:00 p.m.
    Pro Tees Research Park
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  tot under
    3  2  3  3  2  5  2  3  3   26   -1
    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
    2  3  2  3  3  2  3  2  3   23   -4  49
    Oubre's Score Card - Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 5:30 p.m.
    Pro Tees Research Park
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  tot under
    4  4  2  2  2  3  2  3  3   25   -2
    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
    2  3  2  3  3  3  2  2  2   22   -5  47
    Where we've been:
    Agnes Moffitt Park Houston, TX Bartholomew Park Austin, TX Bear Creek Grapevine, TX Birdwell Park Big Springs, CO Camelot Park Bryan, TX City Park Live Oak, TX Cottonwood Creek Park Colorado Springs, CO Cornwallis Road Park Durham, NC Highland Park Baton Rouge, LA Lake Lewisville Park Lewisville, TX Leonard L. Woods Park Lewisville, TX MacGregor Park Houston, TX MacKenzie State Park Lubbock, TX Mozola Park Houston, TX North Lake Park Denton, TX Pease Park Austin, TX Prince Solms Park New Braunfels, TX Pueblo City Park Pueblo, CO Research Park College Station, TX Rivendell Farm St. Rose, LA Tom Bass Regional Park Houston, TX Course 1 and Course 2 (The Wilmont home of the Texas State Disc Golf Championships) Valley Springs Park Durham, NC Veteran's Park Arlington, TX Widefield Park Colorado Springs, CO William Cameron Park Waco, TX Zilker Park Austin, TX
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