ECCP Criminal History

This is a brief history of some of the "bad luck" that the Texas A&M Men's Cross Country Team has gotten into in the past two years.

1999 Indoor Conference:
Bryan, Carl, and a manager 
that everyone forgot about, Dave Stroman, get caught after sneaking into 
the indoor track and stealing some signs. Chuck was present but ran from the police.  See Dallas Morning News Article. 

Consequences: Carl, Chuck, and Bryan are suspended until Texas Relays. The three have to write a letter of apology to Kevin Weiberg comissioner of the Big XII Conference...Strike 1. The manager was also consequently fired. Summer 1999: Oubre gets stopped by a police officer while walking from the track to the trackshack with the top of a broken hurdle. He is temporarily detained until the cops get a hold of Coach Nelson. Nelson tells the cops it's alright he's a steeplechaser, and the hurdle makes it to the trackshack. It has since been stolen by Brooke. Consequences: Nothing other than inconvience to Oubre and Nelson. Early Fall 1999: After Ben drives his car out to the trails being worked on by Oubre Trailblazing Inc., a member of the Texas A&M staff waits for his return. After Ben's return, he tells the staff person that he's a member of the Texas A&M Cross Country team and a series of telephone calls between Coach Hartman and the proctor of the land begins, only to dwindle down until forgotten about. Consequences: Running as well as building on Oubre's Trails is suspended for a short time. Bubba's threats are forgotten in time. A little later Fall 1999: The Texas A&M Cross Country team meets on a Sunday morning out on the side of the road near Lake Bryan. A man working at Lake Bryan, saw the cars and waited for the team to return. As the team returned, and temporarily moved their cars to the Last Chance Lounge, the man called the police. Once the police arrived on scene, the police officer told members of the team that if they ran on the trails at Lake Bryan again, without paying for entrance into the park, they would be charged with criminal trespass. Consequences: The team stops going out to Lake Bryan and starts going to the Last Chance Lounge. January 11, 2000 approximatley 12:30AM: Nine people, eight of which were members of the Texas A&M Cross Country team get arrested for hopping the fence into the outdoor area of the Rec Center. Alcohol was present, but all denied that they brought the alcohol, even though "Heavy" and Ben "smelt of alcohol" and Heavy fell from atop the 8 foot fence. The nine involved were: Lauren, Chuck, Heavy, Ben, Chris K, Jason, Chris, Carl, and Sandie's cousin. Consequences: The nine were arrested and let out on $500 bond. They were then given 20 hours of community service hours for the track team, 5 hours of community service hours for the school, a letter of apology to the proctor of the Rec Center, Gary Nash. Plus $215 court fees, 6 months probation with a $40/month probation charge, and 30 hours of community service. Lauren, Heavy, Ben, Chris K, Jason, Chris L: Strike 1 Chuck: Strike 2 Carl: Suspended from indoor and Strike 2. April 13, 2000: 12 members of the men's Cross Country team run out to Oubre's Trails and hop the fence to continue their run when they notice a new sign that reads, "No trespassing, Keep Out." The team laughs at this sign and jokes about taking a picture in front of it when someone noticed a man in a white truck watching them. At noticing this the team decides to hop back over the fence and continue their run elsewhere. While the rest of the team leaves to run to University Dr., Heavy and Tommy, instead of turning back they sprint through the woods and through Trail 1, an old abandoned trail originally built by Oubre Trailblazing Inc. and they then hop out onto University Dr. and continue their run down University Dr. The team at this point is ahead and had forgotten about the white truck, and Scott and Andrew turn off to go long. Immediatley after this a police officer tells the remaining 8 runners to stop. He then proceeds to ask them questions and get all of their names, numbers, and social security numbers, and lets them know that if they are caught out there again, they will be charged with criminal trespass. Consequences: None October 14, 2000: Carl's party gets busted by the cops and he's arrested for contributing to minors and a noise violation. Chuck, Monty, and Oubre round up $1500 dollars and bail him out. Frank gets an mip and he was only having one beer. Our keg, tap and garbage can are all confiscated by the police. Consequences: Carl has two stops with judges and sweettalks them both. He gets all charges dropped for contributing and receives 21 hours of community service for the noise violation. Nearly all of the $1500 is given back to him. November 13, 2000: After the ags failed to qualify for nationals in Cross in 2000, Oubre hit the bottle pretty hard, with the help of Heavy, Gulli, and Swift, and drank so much Crown Royal that he got sick on the bus, and was kicked off the team. Consequences: Oubre is suspended from all of indoors, including practices so from December 14 to January 10, he only runs 5 days because he is not very motivated. Gulli, Swift, and Heavy are all suspended from the first 3 meets of indoor, even though that doesn't stick. Koop, since he bought the alcohol was temporarily kicked off the team also. Juneish: Three unnamed parties were caught with some marijuana in their car and all three were charged with posession. That's when they had to sit in jail for 16 hours or so to until they were arraigned. Consequences: One of the parties took full blame, said that it was his pot, and got the other two off completley. Shortly there after, he moved to France. October something: Heavy gets arrested for public intoxication. Apparently you're not allowed to sit on the side of Shadow Canyon after a long, fun night of drinking and throw up all over the place. Consequences: Heavy has to let his bail transfer over to a fine and gets off. Fall 2002: Ninjas chase Angeles, she calls cops when she gets to her room. Consequences: Ninjas lay low for a week, later resume filming, first movie is a big success. Fall 2002: Ninjas get stopped by George Bush library security, they are "concerned" about our all-black dress before a visit from the former president. Consequences: Ninjas avoid the George Bush Library for the rest of filming. Fall 2003: Ninja films scene on roof of building on campus, police show up, ninjas evade police, take shelter in 2nd and 4th floors of Evans Library Consequences: Ninjas finish sequel trailer with footage at hand, cease filming temporarily. Summer 2003: It wasn't the law but it could have been. The trackshack finale party was great, and so was the fire, and Linda sux cock, and getting away with some extra deposit. But then the deposit got used up, see letter and picture.