July 29, 2007
         -Pics from Carl's party are up.  Go to the photo pages from the scroll down menu above.
    May 2, 2007
         -Hooker's Wedding pics are up.  Go to picture pages from the scroll down menu
    January 20, 2007
         -Alex Moore made his marathon debut last Saturday.  He's #10 on our list too. 
    December 23, 2006
         -Merry Christmas to all of you.  Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas.
         -Jesus would have been 2006 years old if he hadn't died.
         -Carl is having some kind of party tonight.  Bring a gift.
         -The marathonpage is finally updated.
         -Alex Moore graduated this year.  Welcome to the life of being a former ag.
         -All the announcements were deleted.              


Click on the picture to get to Carl Stewart's Alumni Race 2002 Picture Site

Our all new section. A new photo every week. You never know what might be up next
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Well Grease is now busy but we may be able to put together some sort of interview in the
near future. Whether it's on disc golf or running it should definitely be interesting.

Also, as I'm sure everyone knows, the ECCP forum has been hopping since its inception last fall. There are literally thousands of posts up, and more being added each day. If you want to here from old ags, ags, and special guests, keep up to date with this forum.

Many of you may have read the stories of good versus evil in the Bible, but what about those of Raiderland. Well this story doesn't have much to do with running, but Old Ag and columnist, Christian Henricksen, has many tales to tell of the Lady Raiders in Raiderland. Please click here if you would like to read the story. It will be updated whenever Christian contributes his thoughts.Christian's Chronicles

Because it is now summertime, the Aggie Cross Country team will be focusing its efforts on three areas from June til August: base mileage, the trails, and of course DISC GOLF. Because the frisbee flying game is so important to us, a new section has been added to the ECCP. Its got records, rules and links to other disc golf stuff.

If you are interested in last years cross country season, here is the preliminary, and only, ECCP. If you look at the results of nationals, in which Big Daddy Scott Lengefeld got 14th and the team got 22nd, WHOOP!, Mr. Grease didn't do to bad in his prediction.

Here's some links that you can occupy your time with until the next ECCP:
Let's Run
Texas Track
Lance Armstrong
Texas A&M Cross Country
LSU Cross Country
2004 NCAA Men's Outdoor Performance List   2004 NCAA Women's Outdoor Performance List
2004 NCAA Men's Regionals Performance List   2004 NCAA Women's Regionals Performace List
2004 Big XII Men's Outdoor Best Times      2004 Big XII Women's Outdoor Best Times
Texas A&M Distance Crew Performance List   Texas A&M NCAA Performance List
A recent listing of run-ins with the law that the men's team has gotten into in the last two years.

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We are adding a new feature to the ECCP web page. This new feature, is the posting of other, less important, less in depth national and regional polls. So, feel free to open these.
Grote's Poll _
The South Central Region Poll

If you would like to get in touch with the ECCP, you can email us; also, we are accepting pictures of any and every runner and/or team, that you can find and want to be posted (unfortunatley, due to a recent incident, pictures will be screened) :

The Greaser:

The Greaser

If you would like to see a few pictures, click here. There's not many up right now, but hopefully in the near future, that will be changed.

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